App Search Optimization (ASO)

A technique known as app store optimization can be used to improve an app's exposure in app stores (ASO). Each app is rated using a variety of factors by the app. By effectively utilizing the right keywords, beneficial images, and localized descriptions, you can rank higher and increase downloads as a result of that visibility. It increases app conversion rates in order to get more downloads. The most well-known app stores for iOS and Android apps, respectively, are the App Store and Google Play Store.
Our technology, special technique, and performing employees ASO consultants guarantee the most possible app discovery. It is possible to maximize your ASO efforts to boost downloads, move your app to the top of search results, and ensure steady, long-term growth. We prioritize user engagement and quick app monetization because we want to make your condition better.

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Why Choose Us:

As a full-service App Store Optimization company, MA Tech Solutions BPO creates your ASO strategy and then manages the implementation of all of its elements. By providing services that are tailored to the needs of your specific app, we tackle ASO holistically. Our group manages visual resources, sample videos, text changes, and much more.

● App icon:

For your mobile app, we develop a suitable icon to boost visibility. The plan will be such that it will have a complex design and function to pique the interest of your audience. The company's logo or icon has a big impact on how well-liked it is. We provide the right app logo, which can help capture consumers' attention to the mobile app.

● On-Site Optimization:

In the early stages of ASO, numerous unique techniques and strategies are devised to increase traffic and income. To be successful and suitable for the target audience, the program has undergone extensive revision and improvement.

● Keyword Research:

Let our professionals assist you in optimizing your metadata and keywords for the Google Play and App Store. The cornerstone of raising your search rankings is keyword optimization. The defining keywords are created by us. We attempt to raise the App's overall search engine rankings by incorporating relevant and appropriate keywords into the title and description.

● Title and Description:

The title and description are crucial components of app store SEO. The experts at MA-Tech provide the best titles, descriptions, and brief summaries in order to spark customers' interest and encourage them to check out your mobile app.

● Conversion Rate:

Concentrate on converting people who discover your app if you want to increase the number of organic installs. We evaluate the competitors, analyses your current on-page components, and choose the best graphics and on-page components for your app. An essential component of a successful ASO campaign is the page's conversion rate for your app. To ensure the mobile app services are of a high standard, we verify various algorithms.

● Building Links for Mobile Apps:

To ensure that the links we are establishing are of high quality and will have a beneficial effect, our team of link builders engages in manual outreach. Let our experts assist you in expanding your link-building activities to raise your app's visibility online and enhance search engine results. Our team is knowledgeable on how to get the most out of backlinks. Another significant potential to increase installations from a source other than the app stores is to rank your app better in mobile web stores.

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● Preview Video Creation:

Preview videos enhance conversion rates on average for apps. Our team combines client feedback with app-specific data on user sentiment, key features, and competitor analysis to build a script and storyboard outlining for the film. We produce the videos for all desired screen sizes after the editing is finished, then give the finished files.

● A/B Testing:

A/B testing is the process of comparing the performance of various iterations of one App Listing component (whether it be textual or graphic) over time. By combining focus groups, surveys, and A/B testing, you can make sure that quantitative data is leading to the right conclusions.

● Performance Report:

Performance reports are sent to you on a regular basis by our staff, which gives you a better understanding of what is being done. In addition to broad objectives, our experts also set more specific aims. Every day, we check the performance of your app, and once a month, we give you a thorough report on your ASO activity.

● Paid Search:

Google Ads and Apple Search Ads are essential platforms for mobile marketing. A specialist paid search team at MA-Tech Solution BPO is skilled at administering and optimizing Apple Search Ads and Google Ads campaigns. Our crew has years of expertise dating back to the launch of these channels and has received specialized training to understand how organic and sponsored search strategies can complement one another.

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APP Search Marketing (ASM)

In order to attract users, the MA-Tech Solution BPO’s ASM Process combines ASO, App Store & Play Store ads, social media ads, and influencer marketing. In-app analytics are then used to keep users engaged and paying customers. We strategically put social media advertisements, Apple Search Ads, and Google AdWords’ in order to scale the campaign while maintaining a low Cost Per Install (CPI) for our clients.
To generate high conversion traffic for your app at the lowest cost-per-acquisition, we deploy and optimize your UA strategy across a variety of advertising channels. The list of platforms includes TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Apple Search Ads, Google Ads, and many more. With so many channels available, there are many chances to attract new users. But to find the appropriate ones profitably and at scale, a planned, data-driven strategy is required and we will provide it to you.


● Apple Search Ads:
On Apple's own advertising network, we create, scale, and optimize your marketing initiatives using best practices to raise user engagement and visibility for your Store Page.

● Google App Campaign:
By utilizing Google's app campaigns to reach more users and by offering specialized and distinctive graphic assets, we employ a scalable strategy to paid marketing.

● Paid Social Platforms:
According to the market, industry, and category of your app, our performance marketing experts will create a clear acquisition strategy for the major paid social platforms.

Your media expenditure will be managed by our user acquisition team on platforms that offer complete performance transparency by following steps:


We begin by comprehending the UA potential of your product and determining the greatest prospects for development across channels by fusing information from your data with market and competitive expertise. That will assist in your knowledge of the various channels' growth prospects.
▪ Market analysis and UA review
▪ Identify the ideal channel mix
▪ Budgeting and design for media plans


To assist you in monitoring the most crucial KPIs and in-app events, MA-Tech Solution BPO Analytics team will produce customized reports. To help you make wise decisions, we offer transparency throughout the whole conversion funnel. On marketing channels that offer complete control and transparency, we will put into practice a methodical and scalable approach to Paid UA. When working with us, your marketing budget is always transparent.
▪ Testing A/B
▪ Keyword approach
▪ Individual Product Pages
▪ Targeting and retargeting of audiences
▪ Alignment of UA & ASO Strategies


Following the identification of your objectives, we develop a cross-channel plan to focus on the audiences most likely to increase ROI—at scale. We can assist you in lowering CPAs and CPIs, increasing downloads and boosting acquisitions.
▪ Paid campaign management
▪ constant KPI evaluation
▪ Bidding modifications
▪ Seasonal variations
▪ Improved Audience targeting

Five Core Services

MA Tech Solutions BPO helps businesses with One Stop Solutions. Our mission is to serve our clients with superior services, leveraging the latest technologies. With a customer-centric approach, we exceed expectations by delivering projects on time while ensuring optimal quality. Our experienced team optimizes operational efficiency, driving business growth.